SO What are the updates?

Like all human beings, Ryan Foo evolves with the help of a loving community. Most growth is gradual, but certain moments trigger the unanticipated and rapid expansion of consciousness - and Ryan's are documented in "Updates". They are a time for us to redefine his character, work on his flaws, and fully integrate some new skills, thoughts, and states of being.

None of it would be possible without every single person behind Ryan - so these updates also serve as a warm thank you. To everyone that has ever touched Ryan's awareness, truly, thank you. We are in your debt. And now - the latest update:


RYAN FOO {5.0}



New Quest: Fatherhood

As Ryan Foo evolves, so do his challenges - and our latest instance is “Fatherhood”.

Join Ryan on the harrowing quest of raising a wonderful human being, and witness the absolute and godly cuteness of his child, MingZen Teocalli Foo Montoya.


New Class: Brethren

It’s become clear that Men need a space to heal - to talk, to do ritual, and to help each other along the treacherous path of aligning with what is our most divine and true sense of Masculinity.

We tack what we think is toxic, dismantle the ways in which we have been influenced, and build a new sense of Masculinity which is not rooted so deeply in individuality - but in your Brothers. Thus, the name.

Join us for a special Brethren Event - The Table


New Presence: Facebook Page / Presence

Players have been asking where more can be found regarding our build of Ryan Foo and his journey - so we’re just taking the steps toward that. Slowly but surely! We now have a facebook page for our Human.


New Offering: Consulting

As Ryan has worked on nearly three-hundred projects in the last nine years, he is naturally finding himself doing more Creative Consulting. Charrettes with Museums for new immersive projects, The Biennial of the Americas and their new Empathy Museum, Producing “Mosque the Show” - Ryan has been busy with projects with larger and larger scopes.

We’re starting working with people that can put these talents to use - and we’d be happy if you’d invite Ryan to join you on your next creative projects.

We do free 10 minute consultations. To schedules, just hit the Contact button.

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Ryan FOO



Ryan Foo 4.9 is now online.

This update is coming late and we apologize for the downtime.

Update 4.9 is a preparatory patch which builds, catalogs, and strengthens the infrastructure we have built to maintain Ryan Foo. Patch 5.0 will be the full implementation of new features.

New Special Event: “The PodSpace”

WEAREDENVER has returned, and in a new epic dungeon, “The PodSpace”.

Adventurers can enter the PodSpace for a low amount of gold and regail their friends, family, and the general internet with their greatest journeys. Some will tell tales as a podcaster, others might scribe in other creative mediums.

Come November, Fifty gold pieces / month gets you into a high quality recording space. Check out WEAREDENVER here:


Preparatory: {FATHERHOOD} As new a new journey in fatherhood is coming, so is a new Ryan Foo.

We’ll be spending most of this time working on that update, which is why these patchnotes are short.

Check out “The PodSpace” and “Mosque” before 5.0!

Ryan Foo 4.8 is now online. 

We're getting right into the patch notes this time- Ryan Foo Industries thanks you for your ongoing support and patience. 

Ryan Foo 4.8

New Special Event! {IllFooMinati: The Second Coming}

It's that time of the year again players! Gather together with your strongest community members as you work together to play games, eat, and be merry! This year's festival is sure to be even more immersive and enticing as we're adding a whopping %250 experience boost! 

You'll be answering riddles, meeting new Guilds, building Fortresses and strengthening the community at large. This year is going to be one of the most busy and trying for Ryan Foo players, so get out and meet some people!


After a full year of testing new Aesthetic capabilities, Ryan Foo is ready for a new overhaul. We're implementing a whole new HUD for costuming / dressing, and players have uncovered the deeper meaning to clothes - granting various buffs depending on your modern armor! Across the board, all stats will receive a 1-5% increase, depending on mood, alignment, and how well the outfit matches. 

We're also expanding Ryan's ring and necklace slots, allowing players to equip more than one of each! Stack matching accessories with the proper clothing for an exponential bonus to confidence and notable aura!


The most common feedback we've gotten in meditation sessions is the remarkable growth patterns associated with our newest NPC and Developer, Eutimia Cruz Montoya. Ryan's growth, strength, and overall happiness have all increased sharply - and players absolutely love the experience. 

To continue to encourage players to work with our new in-game Dev, we're adding a 6 hour buff after spending time with her called "True Partnership". The spell gives Ryan a random boost to Self ConfidenceCourage, and Maximum Mana. Go get to know the feeling of partnership at it's finest! While enjoyable, the quest-lines are diamond level difficult and many players will fail along the way!


While Stillness features are being used more often than in the reign of 4.6, we would still like to see players using them more. We've added three new (non-alcoholic) potions as daily quest rewards for participating in at least 15 minutes of meditative stillness. 

Remember, we don't get to talk to you unless you meditate into true calm! Help us to help you by taking advantage of Ryan's most powerful inherent skill - let's make Ryan Foo better, together!

{Class Changes}


Mages are, as always, overpowered. We're nerfing all mystery spells by %10. We're giving a slight buff to the oral skill "The Perfect Moment", boosting accuracy by %20 when successful. 


Players have barely been using this class! Our new class system was meant to balance the scales a little, but we want the King archetype more meaningfully integrated. We're lowering the cap and allowing one inter-class spell to be kept before class changes.


Plant Medicine is getting it's cooldown reduced by half. 


No Changes. We're doing our best to add more daily quests for warriors. 

Reporter and Lover:

No Changes. 

{Minor Text / Spell Changes}

Error reports will now appear as emotions, clearing busy error logs.

Friendship spells are now properly affected by all relationship perks. 

Community spells last the designated amount of time. We had issues last patch with relationships randomly losing their link. 

Dynamic Sharpness no longer resets after class changes. 


That's all folks! As always, we're deeply thankful for every community member and player that helps to make Ryan Foo what he is. Without you, we'd still be walking him around in that green shirt (you know the one) with basketball shorts. 

Special Thank You's this patch to: Tamera Sakotas for her support with Peace Jam, David Moke for his ongoing advice and wisdom, Kevin Quinn Marchman for his vulnerability, honesty, and all around good-guy persona, Eutimia Cruz Montoya for the tireless hours she puts in to a project that isn't even her main gig (She's got her own game!), and all of the powerful sorceress women who summon the various spirit and deity that assist us on the daily. You know who you are. 

See you all in 4.9! We're almost to 5.0, which is both scary and exciting! We've got mind-blowing things planned here at the Industry! 

Join us at @IllFooMinati! It'll be a festival unlike any you've seen before! 

All the best, 

-The Staff and Crew of Ryan Foo Industries 


Ryan Foo 4.7 is now online!

The team here at Ryan Foo Industries has been working hard for twenty-five years, dedicated to the growth and vision of the Ryan Foo Project. But we haven't done it alone - as every player and partner in the Ryan Foo Project has been absolutely instrumental. Ryan Foo is the collection of your thoughts, your play, and your love. There's lots to get to this patch, and as a new feature, you can read the patch notes and tons more by visiting ! Here are the notes, players: RYAN FOO 4.7


Players have been loving the new Aesthetics feature of Ryan Foo! We're excited to announce that we've opened the floodgates on customizing clothing, merchandise, and styles for our newest Ryan! Check out the new features by visiting any thrift store and working on Ryan's newest skill - "Beauty" - so that you can wear the coolest, highest level gear! As part of the Aesthetics 2.0 release, Ryan Foo also now has a central web domain.


Ryan Foo has long seen himself as a King - which has served players by creating strict parameters, expectations, and outcomes. And while many players enjoy serving in this role, our team has come to the conclusion that it's time to let this label go. Last patch, we removed all belief systems from Ryan's attribute list - but players were still acting in accordance with their belief around how Ryan should be a leader - which ultimately fooled players into believing that they were Ryan Foo. This is absolutely antithetical to our mission - which is: to remind players that they are not their game, but the creators, managers, and players of it. Our team perceives this as a great limitation. We're going to remove the class-limit of "King" for Ryan to allow players to explore one of 6 brand new classes / archetypes! (NOTE: Players can still choose the King Archetype, but will now only be able to stay as one class for 24 hours at a time. The Quicker players switch, the more powerful class buff they will receive - ranging from 1%-25% main stat buff)


Orator / Mage: Words are Spells, players - class change to "Mage" to unlock the full potential of Ryan's voice. But be weary; one should truly master "Dynamic Sharpness" (see below) before using this new class. Also, players will find the "Mage" class drains incredible amounts of stamina, making it a great class to change in and out of quickly.

Shaman: Ritual and Altered States of Consciousness are at the core of Ryan Foo's being. Learning how to manage anger, love, passion, and greed are the most spiritual paths available to mankind- explore them through Ryan with this class.

Warrior: Fierce, heart-pumping battle is essential to growing Ryan's physical form. We all want Ryan to become stronger - find out more by sparring with other players with the Warrior class.

Reporter: It's time to build platforms, get to know our community, and step back from being the story. Giving others a voice is a lot about listening, so practice in Ryan's most difficult class - Reporter.

Lover: Spreading "Love" is a corny, nuanced battle - but it is of the utmost importance to Ryan Foo and his community of players. As we learn to work together, we will become stronger in all class forms - the great advantage of the lover's skill-sets. Leveling as a Lover expands the skills of all other classes.

King: Still around, still reigning from within deep inner darkness - the King Class isn't going anywhere. It's been the mainstay class since Ryan Foo 2.0, but we strongly encourage players to try new classes. Players will receive a special "unnamed" buff when trying all five other classes and properly integrating them into the King archetype.


Ryan Foo has finally unleashed his true power, which players have been using to swiftly defeat raid bosses and develop new kingdoms within the world of Foo. However, our Devs have noticed that players have been using this sharpness by accident - against harmless NPC's, Lovers, and even against each other. Sharpness is one of Ryan's most powerful skills, and as was seen a few months ago, it can be incredibly hard to control. We want to keep the skill-cap for this endgame talent high, but it's pointless if our player base can't control it. DYNAMIC SHARPNESS is the new ability to soften or sharpen any blow (verbal, physical, or spiritual) so that it lands properly. Players will find new controls more manageable, with HUD icons popping that indicate when Ryan is "too sharp". {A RETURN TO STATIC MEDITATION} Two patches ago, we introduced "Dynamic Meditation", but have seen too many players use this as a way to avoid a deeper state of stillness - mostly because it takes so much less time. We are debuffing "Dynamic Meditation" by %30, but giving it a 45% buff after 1+ hour a day of standard meditation.

That's all folks! Our team is incredibly grateful and looking towards the future! 

Love and peace!

-The Team at Ryan Foo Industries 



ATTN: Ryan Foo 4.6 is now Online.

Update 4.6 is the most progressive patch to date, featuring several major overhauls and endgame storyline advancements.

Let’s get right into it.


A Special event has spawned - and players of any level can participate. Three days from now (March 25th) a major boss will spawn on 12th and Pecos, yielding 6 Legendary loot items. It will be incredibly powerful, and require the clever teamwork of as many players as possible. Join your friends and allies to take your shot at inner glory and treasure.


Players really ran with the previously added costuming options, so we’ve overhauled the entire process.

New shops have been added to the map - thrift locations, fashion designers, and clothing swaps will appear alongside other minimap icons. The diversity of input is what really makes designing Ryan’s aesthetic interesting, so we want to encourage all players to trade ideas and opinions. For that reason, we’ve added a 30min long, %1 confidence buff just for looking at another player’s gear. It’ll last through April.

{Removal of Belief Systems}

Previously installed belief systems appeared to be malfunctioning, and we can’t seem to get it right. For now, they appear unimportant to the other functions of Ryan Foo 4.6, and we’ve removed them entirely. We’re watching this develop to see if Players need belief systems at all. Feel free to contact the team if you have suggestions.


A new player activity has been added to your heads-up-display. The microphone icon in the top right allows players to sit down with Ryan Foo, discuss cool ideas, and develop what it means to live in Denver. Special thanks to Sampson and Daniel for their help regarding development.

It will start out as a “Weekly” quest, refreshing every seven days - but it may become a “Daily” quest if players show enough interest. We are ready to implement that between patches should it become a real interest.

{Peace Jam}

A storyline development arrives - Ritual and Ceremony.

Players have pushed the development of Ryan Foo into a new chapter - and so he’s taking up being a new Master of Ceremonies at PeaceJam, alongside Quinn Marchman and Asia One.

Peace Jam is a brand new questline, available only to high level players. Ryan will introduce winners of the Nobel Peace Prize and help to implement programming, service projects, and other experiences with students of all ages. It will start in Colorado, but there are plans to fly around doing fun stuff, and the team will respond accordingly as players get into the content.

{New Passive Spell: An Evolving Man}

Ryan Foo 4.6 is in good physical condition, so we think it’s time to really utilize and push his physical and experiential of being a human man. That includes new gym minigames and more active forms of gaming like Pokemon Go, but it also means honing in on skills like husbandry and listening. Strength comes in many forms, players.

{Minor Text Fixes}
Beliefs have been removed from the character attribute list.
20+ Misc changes to social media

Special Thanks this Patch to:

Tamera Joy Sakotas and the entire team at Peace Jam, PoGO Sqauds, Jon Shockness and Akiala Ill, Eutimia Cruz Montoya, Kevin Quinn Marchman Every Guild Member Ever, Sampson Stevenn, Daniel Iyere, and a very, very special thank you to Nick Thorne.

You all know why i'm thanking you individually.

Love and Peace, Players. We’ll see you on the 25th!



Ryan FOO


Ryan Foo 4.5 is now Live!

Make sure to update your IRL launcher.

Here at Ryan Foo Industries, we are honored to continue our fastidious and humbling work on the Ryan Foo Project*, and while it can be difficult , it's hard to even consider it "work" with this amazing team.

We are happy to bring you all a whole new patch, complete with plenty of new features and minor bug fixes.

We have been listening hard to the community and appreciate all of the daily feedback. You can be sure that it goes into creating the best Ryan Foo on the market.

Here's what's new:

Complete UI (User Interface) and Avatar overhaul -

Shoes, Slacks, Torso Garments and accessories are all now available and customizable options. Whereas clothing was previously a mere agreed-upon social construct , Ryan Foo 4.5 is now fully embracing the power of Aesthetics.

NEW ALLY + Total productivity Overhaul -

LAPTOP, a new Ally , has joined the Earth Brigade as a potent team member. Ryan Foo 4.5 now receives a damage buff (18%) when LAPTOP is in his Squad.

Masculine Balance -

Balancing the masculine and feminine Energies has always been a challenge for Ryan Foo players. We've debuffed several feminine actions in an attempt to create more synergistic gameplay, while staying true to the value of both. Also, an accuracy and clarity buff (20% each) automatically pops when the energies are within a 5% balance.

NEW ABILITY - Active Meditation (Level 110 Talent)

Take your Chakra training out into the real world!

For several years, Ryan Foo players have been raising the skill - cap on personal yoga and meditation - but have been frustrated with the difficulty of utilizing those abilities IRL. Our new "Active Meditation" ability allows for the free flow of experience outside of our inner chasm of infinite darkness, creating a more vibrant and enjoyable world.


Firstly to Eutimia Cruz Montoya, as the last three months have been an incredible dance with this moon goddess. She is Magic, and a powerful mirror - reflecting the highest forms of our true self.

Then to Kevin Quinn Marchman, Will Louis Wytias-Sobel, Nick Thorne, Nicholas Garrett Greivel, Kat O'Brien, A.j. Tapia, Anastazia Coney, Miles Holland, Danny Ramos, Jon Shockness, Kayla Marque and all the other members of the Guild we may be momentarily forgetting. You guys hold it down, and help the Ryan Foo Project develop as fast as possible. All love.

Finally to Corin Chavez, because of his everlasting influence on our rate of growth. On our craving for success.

Till 4.6,

- All of us at Ryan Foo Industries